New McSweeney’s Piece: Transcript of a Meeting Where the Men Decide to Let a Woman Speak

Please enjoy Transcript of a Meeting Where the Men Decide to Let a Woman Speak.

This piece that was actually inspired by a Q&A where the male moderator made a point of saying “Let’s choose questions from some WOMEN,” but then proceeded to let a dude in the audience steamroll over a woman who was trying to ask a question.

Some Things I’ve Done Recently, October 2017

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I wrote A Laid Back History of the Recliner for MEL Magazine.

My script digital series SpokesLife was a semifinalist in the 2017 Austin Film Festival (say hi if you see me there this weekend), and my pilot The Shit Town Detective Agency was a quarterfinalist in the 2017 Slamdance Screenplay Competition.

I was on the wonderful Guilty Pleasure Podcast talking about collecting old books, magazines, and ephemera.

THE EYE prepared to dance at a wedding:

And finally, Flunky’s Upset, my most recent digital series for Brat, is live. Here’s episode four, which I can confidently say includes more chicken bones and pictures of prawns than 99% of influencer content.


Some Things I’ve Done Recently, August 2017

Brat shows

Over the past few months, I’ve written two series for the new digital company Brat. The first one, Misshaps, is already out. The second one, Flunky’s Upset, will be out in the fall and features folks including Meghan McCarthy, Denzel Dion, and Raegan Beast. You can read a little more about Flunky’s Upset (and how all of the shows in Brat’s fall slate take place in the same fictional high school) in this Variety piece, or check out an episode of Misshaps here:

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

I wrote an episode for the forthcoming season two of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, produced by Warner Brothers Animation. The first season is currently available on Boomerang.

The Screenwriters Colony

I spent two and a half weeks in June on Nantucket as part of the Screenwriters Colony for Episodic Comedy. Being given that much time to focus on a script while surrounded by funny, hardworking people was an incredible experience that I’m really, really grateful for. Plus, I met a lot of great turtles.

The Nantucket Screenwriters Colony for Episodic Comedy

I’m very excited and grateful to be heading out to the Nantucket Screenwriters Colony for Episodic Comedy this month with my pilot Let’s Shop. If you’re going to the Nantucket Film Festival, come see a live reading of the Screenwriters Colony scripts on 6/22.