In Regard to: Your New Krispy Kreme Store


I am writing to let you know how THANKFUL I am that you have decided OPEN A STORE in BENSALEM, PENN. I have fond memories of your DOUGH-NUTS and COFFEE from growing up in the South, and I am very excited to taste them again!!! Also, your HOOVER, ALABAMA store was the LAST PLACE I SAW MY DAUGHTER (May 14, 1985). On that day, I ate a delicious CHOCOLATE-GLAZED DOUGH-NUT. My daughter didn’t have a dough-nut because, as she said, ”’Nothing can fill the sad space.”’ Her loss!!!

Anyway, thank you for putting a new Krispy Kreme in my town. Now I have somewhere to eat dough-nuts and wait for MY DAUGHTER TO RETURN (and/or DEATH).


Glen Avondale
AARP Member


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