I Made What Might Be the World’s Worst Gelatin “Salad” (So You Don’t Have To)

Seriously — I have a high tolerance for eating most things, but the benignly named gelatin “chicken salad” is one of the grossest “foods” I’ve ever put in my mouth. Most of the ingredients sound good: chicken, capers, and olives. But the brunt of the recipe is three parts chicken gelatin to two parts mayo. The 1910 cookbook I found it in claims this recipe is an “American delicacy.” If this is what counts as an American delicacy, there is no hope for our nation.

You can read all about this and other gelatinous bits in my most recent Table Matters column, covering the history of the Jell-O salad: Jell-O Fiascos.  (And there are some good recipes in there too — try the rose petal/calvados dessert!)

And now, here’s a picture of the offending chicken “salad.” I’m sorry, everyone.


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