Banana Pants™

Thank you for your interest in BANANA PANTS™: The ONLY organic, fair-trade pants MADE OUT OF LEFTOVER BANANA PEELS that also DO NOT INCLUDE SPIDERS.

Why BANANA PANTS™? Why not buy from one of our competitors, who offer organic, fair-trade pants made out of banana peels at lower prices? Because our competitors are NOT able to guarantee that their pants are spider-free! You can pay less…or you can pay for QUALITY: The quality of NOT HAVING SPIDERS!

How do we GUARANTEE that our BANANA PANTS™ are the best product on the market AND do not have spiders?

FIRST we take the highest-quality organic, fair-trade banana peels and carefully pound them into a cotton-like fabric that’s breathable, light, and wrinkle-resistant!

NEXT we sew the pants with a double-stitch, ensuring that they’re durable enough to last a lifetime!

THEN we set the pants out to attract the hundreds of spiders that they inevitably do!

But here’s the BANANA PANTS™ difference — we remove every single spider by hand through our own unique, artisinal spider-removal process!

And BANANA PANTS™ is an anti-cruelty, zero-waste company. All spiders we remove are carefully packaged and shipped to the poor, who always need free stuff.

Help the environment — help the poor — help yourself to a great pair of spider-free BANANA PANTS™.

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