Wanted: ROCKSTAR NINJA Marketing Assistant!

Our Marketing Firm is looking for a ROCKSTAR Marketing Assistant who is also a NINJA. Do you DO COCAINE? Have you SLICED A MAN OPEN with your SHURIKEN? IT IS ALL OKAY as long as you do not mind making cold calls!! We are looking for someone with the grace of HATTORI HANXOU MASASHIGE and the voice of JIM MORRISON. KNOWLEDGE OF MICROSOFT OFFICE A MUST! DO NOT APPLY if you have never been on a major 25-city concert tour or broken the Bushido Code. That would mean you are NOT a rockstar or a ninja! This is an ENTRY LEVEL POSITION, but we do have some expectations!!!

We are a FUN place to work because we have FREE SODA and use that fact to HIDE OUR SADNESS.

To apply, send your RESUME and a SMALL TOKEN stolen from the HOUSE OF YOUR ENEMY or a SETLIST FROM YOUR LAST TOUR. Salary DOE. Evenings and weekends a must. NO BASSISTS.

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