In Regard to Your Cereal Box Size


I am a GRANDFATHER OF SIX, and I have discovered that a box of your cereal CANNOT feed SIX CHILDREN and ONE OLD MAN at the same time! It can feed five children and one old man OR six children. This is especially FRUSTRATING because whenever I pour the CEREAL for the BABY it DOES NOT EAT IT, but it cries if it is not served any and gets spittle all over the cereal it is given so no-one else will eat it! WHAT A WASTE!

Also, MY DAUGHTER IS TRYING TO PUT ME INTO A HOME. Please tell her that you will create a BIGGER BOX OF CEREAL, and that I am PERFECTLY FIT to TAKE CARE OF MY GRANDCHILDREN while she is AT WORK. She is a PARA-LEGAL, a job she got after working hard and going to NIGHT-SCHOOL, which I would think would be enough PROOF for her that I KNOW HOW TO RAISE CHILDREN WELL.

MY WIFE decided she would rather DIE than go to a HOME, so she did. I AM STARTING TO UNDERSTAND IT!!!! PLEASE tell my daughter Annie Clough 247 North Road Oxnard, MA that I am NOT READY TO DIE and NOT READY TO GO INTO A HOME!

Thank you, Cheerios, I enjoy your product very much.


Glen Avondale
AARP, AAA Member

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