From “Happy Living! A Guide for Brides”

So, from what I understand, the garish tulips in the background are to distract and confuse your husband so much that he thinks you’re a catch, not some culinary dolt who believes putting a sprig of parsley in the center of this unattractive monstrosity of hard-boiled eggs mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup (in a corned-beef crust, mind you) makes you the scientific-miracle love child of Betty Crocker and Julia Child.  Also, Happy Living! somehow thinks a recipe with the three main ingredients of hard-boiled eggs (the easiest thing to cook ever?), canned corn beef, and canned cream of mushroom soup doesn’t fall into the “can-opener method of cooking.”

I really hope that this meal in particular was served “on trays in the living room with soft background music.” Because nothing says “casual, romantic night at home” like eating a heaping, gloppy, grease-glistening slice of egg pie while listening to some late 70s Herb Alpert.

My mom was given this book for free at a department store when she registered for her wedding. Goodness help all brides from 1979.

8 thoughts on “From “Happy Living! A Guide for Brides”

  1. We*Meat*Again says:

    OMG, thank you for this. First, that looks like a vomit pie. Second, I will definitely steal some of that copy for an upcoming post on cooking and feminism. Hilarious!

  2. jess O. says:

    omg this is just about the funniest (saddest) thing i have ever seen. im so glad that i did not receive anything like this when i registered for my own wedding. phew.

  3. bookishchick says:

    Amazing. I just read this out loud to David and waited until the end to show him the picture. He said if I ever served this to him–with or without an accompanying china figurine–our relationship would immediately come to an end. “Vomit pie” indeed. So apt.

  4. Carol Webb says:

    OMG!!! My husband cleaned the attic this weekend and found MY ORIGINAL COPY of this book given to me by Rich’s Department store in 1971. I have been wondering what happened to it for years, because I remember slamming it shut and nearly running for the exits before my wedding after reading the section on housekeeping. If you did all the things they recommended needed cleaning on a daily basis, you would only have energy left to make vomit pie for dinner – AND nowhere in the book is sex even mentioned – obviously since there was no time left for THAT. Thanks for the laugh!!!

    • megfavreau says:

      Ha! Carol, first of all, this is fabulous! Secondly, my mom couldn’t remember where she got her copy, and it makes me so happy to find out that they came from Rich’s. Even though the store closed down when I was a kid, I’ll still occasionally find plastic containers at my parents house with Rich’s price tags stuck to them.

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