New Glendale Sketch Comedy Show Wednesday

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Because we like to keep you on your toes and/or because we were rescheduled, this month’s show is actually the first Wednesday of the month, paired with Nephew. I have a few sketches in this one, including something called “Futility Party” that I am very excited about.

Wednesday, February 3 at 8:30 pm
UCB Sunset

Tickets available here!

New Sketch for The Fine Brothers: PsychoPATHZ

YouTube powerhouses/funny gentlemen The Fine Brothers produced this sketch I wrote.

New Section of My Nerdist Sketch Writing Class Starts Monday

There are still a couple of spots left in my sketch writing class at The Nerdist School. It’s a level one class, but we cover material and do exercises that are helpful no matter where you are in your sketch-writing career. Sign up here!

Two Sketch Comedy Shows in LA This Week, Plus New Writing

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I have not one, but TWO Glendale sketch comedy shows at UCBLA this week: Wednesday, July 7 and Saturday, July 12. Both shows are at UCB Sunset, and both have some weird, physical, absurd, and dark stuff. I encourage you to attend!

Also, here are some original humor pieces and old joke round-ups I’ve done for someecards recently:

New Humor Piece: If a Bride Wrote an Honest Letter to Her Bridesmaids About Their Duties

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Read it on someecards.

DJ Faucet on Funny or Die’s Test Tube

One of the last things I worked on with DJ Faucet was an episode of Funny or Die’s Test Tube, which was released today! I wrote the last two sketches.

New Video: Barnacle Cream

I wrote this thing about women from the ocean trying to find true love. It’s a slow burn. Stick with it.

Come See My Last DJ Faucet Show This Tuesday!

In order to spend more time on some new projects and cool opportunities that have come my way, I recently made the difficult decision to leave DJ Faucet, the sketch comedy team I’ve been writing and performing with at iO West for the last two-and-a-half years. I love these guys a lot, and I’m so proud of the weird, dark sketch comedy we’ve made together — comedy that we’ve brought to the Comedy Central Stage, the San Francisco Sketchfest, the Chicago Sketchfest, and the Kirk Douglas Theater, among other places. If you’re in Los Angeles, please join us on Tuesday, 3/24 at 9 pm at the LA Scripted Comedy Fest at iO West. You can buy tickets through that link.

This won’t be the last thing you see from me with DJ Faucet folks — not only do I have plans to continue collaborating with people on the team in other ways, but we also have some cool video stuff coming out soon.

Here are a couple of DJ Faucet videos that I wrote and were shot, edited, and directed for video by the excellent gentlemen of Cascade Up:

New Gig: I’m Writing Full-Time for Someecards!

I recently started a full-time gig writing for the humor site Someecards, and I’m pretty stoked about it. You can see all of my posts here, or check out a few of my favorites so far:

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.05.46 PM

Come See Glendale, My UCB Sketch Team, Perform Tonight!


We will have knives, wigs, and a lot of people who are either yelling or sad. Join us at UCB Sunset!


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